We take safety and harm reduction very seriously. We are committed to ensuring we are broadcasting essential information and best practices for mitigating the risks of taking psychedelic drugs. We are not encouraging psychedelic drug consumption. However, if you are committed to taking a psychedelic drug, we encourage you to take all precautions to necessary and inform yourself of the risks by accessing the links below.


It is very important to minimise the risk that you will need emergency care, also because all essential health workers have their hands fully on fighting the coronavirus crisis.


The extra tension in society may also significantly influence how you react to psychedelics. How long will the crisis last? Will it reach you, or your family? These big questions may easily come up during the acute experience, and it is important to confront these fears in a protective and nurturing environment.


Before you take a psychoactive substance, it is crucial to inform yourself of recommendations and best practices provided by Harm Reduction services. At Unity, a harm reduction organisation in the Netherlands, they talk more extensively about safety and psychedelic use during these times.


You can also get information from PsyCare, a UK based charity with a history of assisting people during difficult experiences.